Kuro Kami Samurai Armor

SGD$4999  (USD$3650)

Suit of Kuro Kami Samurai Warrior
Armor and Helmet

This high quality Japanese warrior suit of full body armor was imported directly from Japan to Singapore, it’s a rear armor with fully functional joints and parts. The details are very well done as you can see from the photos.  This is a private collection and thus we do not display in our store but for those interested you can contact us first and we will give you the location address for private viewing of the armor before purchasing. We do international shipping too, we will be using FedEx to ship in order to ensure a safe and quick delivery to you, please contact us first for international shipping details, thank you.

*Private Viewing Available, Contact Us for Viewing Address

Full Body Armor Parts:
– Kabuto (Helmet)
– Maedate (Helmet Crest)
– Menpo (Face Guard)
– Fukigaeshi (Helmet Flanges)
– Shikoro (Nape Guard)
– Sode (Shoulder Armor)
– Kote (Sleeve Armor)
– Tekko (Hand Guard)
– Do (Cuirass)
– Watagami (Shoulder Strap)
– Kusazuri (Tassets)
– Haidate (Thigh Guard)
– Suneate (Greaves)

* Katana (Sword) and Wakisashi (Side Arm) are not include

(COD) Self Pick Up * Singapore  (Contact us first for the address)
Local Express * Singapore  (Ship within 2-3 days)
International Shipping *FedEx (Contact us for more details)