Tango No Sekku Samurai Yoroi (Boys’ Festival)

SGD$1499 (USD$1089)
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SGD$1499 (USD$1089)
SGD$1288  (USD$936)  15% OFF

Tango No Sekku Samurai Yoroi
(Japanese Boys’ Festival Samurai Armor)

What is Tango No Sekku

Tango no Sekku is celebrated on the 5th of May in Japan every year, it’s called Boys’ Festival. Originally it was only celebrated in the houses of Samurai warriors to honor and encourage the courage and determination of boys. Symbols appearing on this day are all about the characteristic of warriors thus overtime it became an important festival day to all the households with boys in Japan. Tango no Sekku have been celebrated for over a millennium now, it was tone down after WWII and is known as Children’s Day or Kodomo no Hi but many still view it as Boys’ Festival.

About This Samurai Yoroi

The Aka Samurai Armor (Red Samurai Armor) complete set was imported from Japan and yes, it’s hand made in Japan.  It consist of a complete suit of armor, sword with sheath and a bow and arrow. If you have limited space to display a real wearable live size armor then this smaller version will suit you well. it’s just the right size to display on a table top or on a cupboard shelve. The whole suit of armor can be kept within the wooden box that comes with it.

The condition of the item is new, plastic wrapping are still on the armor as you can see from the photo. This is a private collection so please contact us if you want to take a look at it before purchasing, for international shipping we will be using FedEx as it’s safe and fast. Please contact us at enquiries@oruio.com if you have any questions, Thank you.

*Private Viewing, Contact Us for Viewing Address

Armor Parts:
– Kabuto (Helmet)
– Maedate (Helmet Crest)
– Menpo (Face Guard)
– Fukigaeshi (Helmet Flanges)
– Shikoro (Nape Guard)
– Sode (Shoulder Armor)
– Kote (Sleeve Armor)
– Tekko (Hand Guard)
– Do (Cuirass)
– Watagami (Shoulder Strap)
– Kusazuri (Tassets)
– Haidate (Thigh Guard)
– Suneate (Greaves)

Weapon Set:
– Katana Sword
– Kyudo / Yumi – Bow
– Ya – Arrow

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