eBike Metal Power Cut Brake Lever – Type A

SGD$49.90  (USD$36.90)



SGD$49.90  (USD$36.90)

eBike Metal Power Cut Brake Lever – Type A

Electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric scooter and electric skateboard are all compatible with this metal power cut brake lever. The braking feel is more sensetive compared to plastic brake lever, there’s added strength to the pulling grip of the brake cable tension too, meaning the brake pad and brake arm will have a stronger grip on the rim or disc brake plate.

What power cut brake does is cutting off power to the electric motor when the brake levers are being pulled back, this will greatly improve the braking power and life span of the motor. By cutting off the power when braking the controller will have a longer life span and more battery power will be saved as no power is going through the motor and controller when braking.

Includes the Following:
– A pair of metal power cut brake levers  x  1

* The brake lever is compaitble with
– Electric Bicycle / eBike
– Electric Motorcycle
– Electric Scooter
– Electric Skate Scooter
– Electric Skateboard
– 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v Systems

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