Back Hub Wheel Kit 24V 250W Single Speed

SGD$399  (USD$293)



24V Back Brushless Hubwheel eBike Conversion Kit
“Single Speed”

Back hubwheel electric bicycle kit is simple and easy to convert a bicycle to an ebike, just take out the old wheel and slot in the new hub motor wheel in place and just like this, if yours is multi-geared bicycle simply tweak the gear after installing, installation can be done within hours to a day, fast and simple again. And also, since this is brushless, it can last longer without the need to service the hub motor. This model of back hubwheel is for installing on single speed gear bike, for multi-speed gear we have another model for that purpose.

The Kit includes the following:
– 24V Back Brushless Geared Hub Motor
– Single Wall Rim
– 24V Brushless Controller
– Throttle
– Power Cut Brake Lever
– PAS (Power Assist / Pedelec)
– Screws
– A Pair of Pegs
– Controller Box
– No Installation Manual Provided
* This Model is for Single Speed Bike Only

SGD$399  (USD$293)