Ember 1.2 Electric Foldable Bike


Ember 1.2 Foldable eBike

Ember 1.2 foldable electric bike belongs to our series of Ember eBikes. It’s powered by gearless hub motor and lithium battery for the best riding experience, it can be folded and easily lifted onto a car trunk or you can also bring the motorised bicycle with you into public transport such as buses and train. Since it’s foldabe it can be folded and kept in any corner of your house and even office if you cycle to work. ¬†Pedelec mode (Electric Assist) and throttle mode are both available.

eBike Type: Electric Foldable Bicycle (Foldable eBike)
Wheel Size: 20″
Battery: Removable Lithium Battery
Speed: 25km/h
Weight: 12kg +/-
Color: Red & White
Assist Level: 3 Level
Cruise Mode: Available
Mode: S-Pedelec & Pedelec
Gear: 8 Speed
Charger Included
Distance: 20km – 30km Per Charge

*We ship internationally
*This product is not available in Singapore