Zoldi – Electric Mountain Bike


Zoldi – eMTB

Zoldi is an electric mountain bike (eMTB), the wheel size is 26″. Those who like sporty looking ebike will find it’s not just the looks that matters but the performance is just as important, which fortunately this ebike provides the performance you need. There are 3 assist levels on the LED power indicator meter, the energy source is lithium based batteries instead of lead acid, making it light with high output thus having a much better overall energy efficiency. Speed can range from 25km/h to 39km/h on this electric mountain bicycle. There’s both throttle only and pedelec option when riding or you can switch off electric power totally and ride as normal manual mode. The battery is removable so it can be taken away from the eMTB to charge. Video Coming Soon.

eBike Type:  Electric Mountain Bike (eMTB)
Wheel Size:  26″
Battery:  Removable Lithium Battery
Speed:  25km/h – 39km/h
Weight:  15kg +/-
Color:  Bronze
Assist Level:  3 Level
Cruise Mode:  Available
Mode:  S-Pedelec & Pedelec
Gear:  21 Speed
Horn & Light:  Installed
Charger Included
Distance: 20km – 30km Per Charge

*We ship internationally
*This product is not available in Singapore